Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello are you still here????

I know what a bad blogger I have been. It's the new year and I wanted to start off by blogging more, uploading projects, and recipes and what have I done... Absolutely nothing, not a thing, zero, zip and nadda. Do you want me to continue :-P With all this crazy weather we have been having, freezing rain, snow, and now extreme cold, my time has been limited because of no school. Four kiddos in the house and sometimes hubby is enough to make a person go mad.

Right now it's really quiet and I finally have a moment to myself, B and hubby went to the a wrestling meet, Pie and Big Buddies are at their gram's house (all I have to say is praise the Lord for Grandmothers) and Bitsy is taking a nap. Peace and quiet, - Love it....


I'll be back shortly