Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to wear...

I have a huge dilemma, I have nothing to wear. I have lost 15 pounds since summer, okay so not a great loss, but my clothes are getting to big. So whoohoo for me!!! Back to my dilemma, clothes from last year are too big as I said, but my prepregnancy clothes are well not my style anymore. Most of my clothes are 3-5 years old and I just don't like them. So you would think a shopping trip would be in order, I do like to shop. But when I go to the store I can't find anything I like. My hubby says I am being too picky, maybe I am. I swear though, the fashions right now, look like the 80's early 90's. I should know I grew up in this era. Now don't get me wrong, I thought I was stylin back then, but at 34 I really don't think the long sweater and stretch pants look is very flattering on me. My other dilemma is that I like junior clothes, but I am 34 and I am not a size 4, see the problem, and the womens clothes, well let's just say I am 34 and not 64. It is so frustrating I could just scream. So what should a 34 year old, not size 4, want to be comfortable, but also trendy, on a budget wear????? I need help......

Sunday, November 22, 2009

She's Two....

It's so hard to believe that my baby is two. I know most parent's say this when their children get older, but it's hard to believe. One minute a baby, the next a little lady, who is now throwing fits. Gotta love the terrible two's. For her 2nd birthday we had an all pink party. I soooo love pink and so does her sister, so hopefully Bitsy girl will love it too.
I don't like to spend alot of money on decoration, why spend money on stuff you are going to throw away. Yes I could keep it for another party, (1) would I remember where I put it (2) would everything be smooshed. Well I lucked out I went to Michaels and they had all their pink princess themed decorations on sale for 90% off. So I got everything even the gift bag treats for under $10. Now that's what I call a great deal. And let me just say that if you don't have a cupcake stand, go get one. I got mine last year and love it. It's a great center piece and who doesn't love cupcakes.

And now the birthday girl.....

Isn't she so cute in her little outfit. It was so cute when she first saw the cupcakes, she pointed at the them and said wow. I know honey, so yummy.

So the day was pretty chaotic, 20 plus people in my house, most of them kids, my house a total wreck, tons of dishes, but it was totally worth it. Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. Mama loves you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

hello are you still here...

So in the last 3 weeks I have had computer problems, 2 sick kiddos and I caught the cleaning, decorating and organizing bug. I should be back this week. I can't wait to post the outfit I made for Bitsy girls 2nd birthday. So cute!!!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - a special bond

....she just adores her older brother and he loves it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The photo wall

I have always wanted a photo wall, I see them in magazines, websites, and other blogs, and I love them. So after our vacation I ordered a whole bunch of photos all different sizes, this was my first mistake. After I got the pictures back from the printer, I loved them, but since I order them all willy-nilly there was symmatry to my photo wall I hated it. I didn't even get them up on the wall, so behind the couch they went until I came up with a plan. Well a plan I finally came up with and with my wonderful hubby's help, I finally have a photo wall in my family room.

The verdict, I LOVE IT!!!
Since I was putting up a photo wall, I had an old window in the garage, that I saved from our remodel, boy I wish I would have saved more, I added some photos from 2009 of my kids and then I added a some rub-ons directly to the glass and some flowers. All I did to the window was clean the glass, that's it. I think it's a perfect addtion to my family room. Plus I can change the photos out every year.

On the wall opposite my photo wall, I hung a shelf and added more pictures. It looks great. The best part of all of this was the price, both my shelves together were under $10, window frame, free, picture frames all found on clearance, under $40 for everything. Having all my memories on the wall to enjoy, PRICELESS. (I know so cheesy, but I couldn't resist hehe).


Friday, September 25, 2009

A good day....

A good thrift store day that is. I love yard sales and thrift store, searching through piles of junk to find a treasure is just so exciting. I don't get to go the thrift store as often as I would like because it's 20 minutes in the wrong direction, there's nothing else there to do in that area. Since the kids are back in school and Bitsy girl and I had some free time, I decided to go and see what they had. I am redoing my bathroom, (hopefully this weekend) and needed to find some stuff to decorate with. I found some great stuff.

All this for under $30. I needed a stand for my living room, and found one for $2, it reminds me of something in my grandmothers basement, but with a little paint it will be fabulous. I got the blue shelf for $2, the towel rack $1 and I have an idea for the glass dish thingy. I think it's a cheese dish, so no there won't be any cheese in my bathroom. I also got a tablecloth, for recovering 2 pillows and a nice sheet. Sheets are an inexpensive peice of fabric, this is a queen sheet, no stains for only 2.99. I also got some shorts for Miss Pie, bogo, and a skirt for Bitsy, 2 pillows and an embroidery hoop (I have a project planned for this). I think that's everything there, and did I mention how much I love to go thrifting.

Stay tuned for some projects coming up in the future.

Happy thrifting,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here I am....

My poor, poor, neglected blog, I just noticed it's been a month since I posted last. Where has the time gone? Since I have been gone so long, I thought I would do a recap of the last month:

1. We went to fair with my mom, 8 people in a 5th wheel good times. Hubby even brought our pop-up down and we stayed in it a few nights in the over-flow. How I love the fair, sorry no pictures, they are on my camera and I'm too lazy to go get it and upload the pictures.

2. The kids went back to school. Everyone was set, new lunchboxes, bookbags, shoes, clothes, school supplies, check, check, check. And then there was 2 at home. I am a routine oriented person, so the summers and all the chaos get to me at times, so I really look forward to the routine of school.

Everyone loves their teacher and so far is having a great couple of weeks. Miss Pie is in the band and loves it. My mother-in-law got her a clarinet at a yard sale for 10 bucks and we bought her book and she been teaching herself all summer how to play, she is actually pretty good. This summer I think I am going to teach her how to play the piano since she'll already have the basics down.

3. We went camping over Labor Day, sorry no pics once again. I really wasn't ready to go on this trip and so I wasn't in the bestest of moods and was just ready to go home.

So that pretty much sums up the past few weeks, not too exciting I know. So you may be wondering what Bitsy Girl has been doing since her siblings are at school most of the day.....
she excited to be sitting a the new bar all by herself eating ravoli's like a big girl.

My kids are home from school, so you know what that means HOMEWORK!!!!