Friday, May 23, 2008

Going on a camping trip

Our first camping trip of the season, whoohoo. The kids are so excited, they can't wait. I still need to pack and make some food, but hey we aren't leaving till tomorrow so I have plenty of time. It looks like the weather is going to be fabulous, thank goodness, because the past few days here have been cold and rainy. We are still running our furnace in May. I am looking forward to the relaxtion and spending time with my family, who we don't see very often. Nate is excited he is going to see his Angel. These two are such good buddies, they just love each other to pieces.

Doing well on my no carbs for 2 weeks, I stepped on the scale and yes I know it isn't Monday, but I just wanted to see if those nasty pounds are dropping off and they are, so far I have lost 6 pounds. I am not even craving sugar, but I am sick to death of egg-beaters, I can't wait till I can eat some whole wheat toast or oatmeal, only one more week. I can do it and the it's definately worth it.

Okay so I have been scrapping, I got a kit from Polka Dot Whimsy, have to say I love Michelle's kit, it was packed it's a mini-album kit but even after the mini-album is completed I still have a ton of products left to do about 7 layouts and maybe a card or two. I did get the mini-album done and it's so cute, it called All Mine and I love it. Next week I'll take pics of it and upload it. Here are some of the layouts I did over the weekend. This is a kit from My Kits and Pieces

So I had to get Bryce a baby picture for his yearbook they do a from diapers to dipolma for the six-graders and here is a pic of him at 3 weeks, now he is 12. Wasn't he just the cutest thing eveh, I am a little bias though.

Be back on Monday and have some great pics of our fun-filled weekend camping. Have a great Memorial Day and be safe.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holding me Accountable

Since I have had my baby I am so frustrated with my weight, if I lose a pound or two I just gain it back. Tomorrow Guy and I are starting a no-carb diet for 2 weeks and then slowly adding the good carbs back in. I have been reading Jillian McKeif's book and I want to add more vege's and fruit into our diets, but first I have to get myself off of sugar, I am totally addicted to it. If I eat 1 granola bar I eat 3, and then I get so mad at myself. So I am going to blog everything, hopefully this will keep going and honest. My goal is 35 pounds, and I'm not going to say how much I weigh until I hit the goal. I don't want to be a skinny-minny (though it would be nice) I just want to be healthy and not be disgusted everytime I see a picture of myself. My weigh-ins will be Monday and I'll let everyone know how much I am down. Feel free to leave me messages of encouragement, because I need all the help I can get. (This is to my 2 viewers, and one being my mom...LOL)

I scrapped this weekend, whoohoo!!! I love just sitting down and creating, I got 11 layouts done and a card. I haven't scanned anything yet, but I'll get to that tomorrow and upload some. You know I can't leave a post without some pictures, so here's one Aly--look at this girl she is going to be mobile before I know it.

Look out world because here I come....

Here's our Mother's Day photo shoot, I wanted to get some pictures outside, but the weather wasn't cooperating.
Later - Gators

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Do you ever see the commericials, where the kids and the dad bring the mom breakfast and gifts and tell her how much they love her and are getting along so well? Well that definately wasn't my mother's day. Not that I didn't have a nice day, I think I just expect that commercial and that really isn't reality. Guy did make me breakfast, an omlet, which was yummy, the kids all made me stuff and they got me a cherry tree. This has become a tradion in our family to buy something that will keep growing, it's neat to see the trees or plants grow through the years and the kids will say do you remember when we got this for you. Aly is still sick, I guess she didn't get the memo that it's Mother's Day. At first I though it was her teeth, but now she has a cough, really fussy and all she wants is held. Hopefully soon we can get a little more sleep and she will be back to herself.

This is what the kids made me....

Here's my baby, doesn't she look so sad...

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day whether it was picture perfect or not, it's your day enjoy it.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Calgon Take ME Away!!!!!

This past week has been crazy, Aly is teething and right now a mess, her nose is stuffy, she has a low-grade fever and is slobbering all over the place. Last night she was up 5 right now I feel like a zoombie.

My stove still isn't working, who knew it would take so long to get a heating element, at least now I don't have to cook. I think tonight we are having sandwhiches, fast and easy.

I got 2nd place at Kits and Pieces contest, pretty excited about that. I also won a Rak from Layle, so that made my day.

Not really scrapping, right now I am working on Mother's Day gifts, so I can't show them until next week. Don't want to ruin the surprise. Here are some older layouts I have done.
I love this picture of my dad and Aly...this was taken during Thanksgiving and Aly was out of sorts and pappy said he would take her and she fell asleep. So very priceless.
This a picture of me and my girls at Easter.

Okay that's all for now, here's hoping I get more sleep tonight.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm still here!!!!

Knock, knock are you there.....Yes I know it has been awhile. (hanging my head in shame) I am still alive and we are all doing well. Finally everyone is healthy, no more throwing up or stuffy noses, yay. Today we had our first soccer game for Caitlynn, she did really well. The coach had her on offense the entire game, by the end of the game she was really exhausted, poor thing. I took some pictures and I'll upload them tomorrow sometime. Little miss Aly didn't like all the yelling at the game and cried and Nate all he wanted to do is go to the park. Bryce and Guy had a wrestling tournment today, no word yet on how he is doing. He really likes freestyle, I like that it keeps him busy and in shape but practices are an hour away and with the price of gas don't even get me started. I pretty much don't go anywhere anymore, just stay at home and play with kids and scrapbook when I get a free moment. I went through and organized my layouts and put everything in albums and since February 08 I have done 121 layouts, not bad for only scrapping an hour or two a couple times a week. Here are some things I have done in the past month.

I really like this one, I rarely do a layout just of me....

If Nate could be outside 24/7 he would, if Bryce and Caitlynn could stay in the house all day they would. What happens between 5 and 10 that they don't want to be outside and play anymore?????

I love this picture or Aly and Daddy.

Off for now, have a great day and God Bless.