Wednesday, April 15, 2009

chicks, new do, trophy and Easter... Oh my......

Bitsy calls them Chickieees. Yes, we got chickens, I have to admit they are pretty stickin cute and the kids just love them. Actually I like them better than the cats, because they are contained and don't shed all over my house. Here's a picture of our octuplets.
Aren't they cute....

New Do
I have been having such a hair dilemma lately, I really hated my style. You know when you want to grow your hair out but you end up hating it or the process. Well that is me, so I decided to get it chopped and changed the color. Sorry I don't have a before picture, but I had a bob cut and light brown hair and here is the new me.

A few weekends ago, the boys had their wrestling banquet, this is where they each have their moment to shine. Big Buddies got a trophy and he was so excited, it was his bestest dream come true. He hasn't gotten a trophy yet and is always admiring Big B's so this is one of his very own.

In Junior High wrestling they give out 2 big trophies, one for "Rookie of the Year" and the other one for "Outstanding Wrestler" and Big B got Rookie of the year. We are so proud and he was pretty shocked. It's huge, Bitsy stood next to it and the trophy is taller than her.

We had a wonderful Easter, the kids got up and searched for their Easter basket, they had fun seeing their goodies and even snuck in some chocolate before breakfast. We then got dressed in our Easter outfits and headed off to church, when we got home it was picture time. Except nobody was cooperating.

Does she look happy to have her picture taken, NO!!! She looked so adorable in her little dress, and I got zero pictures of her. Arghhh!!!!! I have heard of people taping cherios to the floor, so little ones will sit, well I need to actually tape the little one to the floor. (just kidding I would never do that, but I have considered it :-P) It just wasn't Bitsy who didn't want pictures taken my Father-in-Law was ready to go the second he got here, Big Buddies wouldn't smile, and I need to hire a photographer to take pictures of our whole family because well lets just say my mother in law is not a photographer, I love her to death, but cameras are not her thing. So a retake will be in order when it gets a little nicer outside. Here's a picture I was able to salvage of all 4 kiddos.

I'm not even going to post our family picture, it's just horrible.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


- is 10 1/2
- is nicknamed Miss Pie
- loves cats and horses
- is sometimes bossy

- favorite food is chicken and corn
- is a great helper
- loves her little sister so very much
- hates when her older brother picks on her

- is very sloppy
- loves the color pink
- is a fish in the summer
- looks like her dad my girly and couldn't imagine life without her. Love ya Miss Pie!!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


- is 6
- nicknamed Big Buddies
- is a mama's boy, until daddy comes home and then he is daddy's sidekick
- loves to be outside

- is ready for school to be out
- loves gym class
- favorite meal is sloppy joes
- is really bull-headed

- hates soup
- can't wait until we can go camping again
- best friend is Angel, two-peas in a pod
- loves to wear boots

....and is my little man. Love this little, goof-ball, kid.