Friday, September 25, 2009

A good day....

A good thrift store day that is. I love yard sales and thrift store, searching through piles of junk to find a treasure is just so exciting. I don't get to go the thrift store as often as I would like because it's 20 minutes in the wrong direction, there's nothing else there to do in that area. Since the kids are back in school and Bitsy girl and I had some free time, I decided to go and see what they had. I am redoing my bathroom, (hopefully this weekend) and needed to find some stuff to decorate with. I found some great stuff.

All this for under $30. I needed a stand for my living room, and found one for $2, it reminds me of something in my grandmothers basement, but with a little paint it will be fabulous. I got the blue shelf for $2, the towel rack $1 and I have an idea for the glass dish thingy. I think it's a cheese dish, so no there won't be any cheese in my bathroom. I also got a tablecloth, for recovering 2 pillows and a nice sheet. Sheets are an inexpensive peice of fabric, this is a queen sheet, no stains for only 2.99. I also got some shorts for Miss Pie, bogo, and a skirt for Bitsy, 2 pillows and an embroidery hoop (I have a project planned for this). I think that's everything there, and did I mention how much I love to go thrifting.

Stay tuned for some projects coming up in the future.

Happy thrifting,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here I am....

My poor, poor, neglected blog, I just noticed it's been a month since I posted last. Where has the time gone? Since I have been gone so long, I thought I would do a recap of the last month:

1. We went to fair with my mom, 8 people in a 5th wheel good times. Hubby even brought our pop-up down and we stayed in it a few nights in the over-flow. How I love the fair, sorry no pictures, they are on my camera and I'm too lazy to go get it and upload the pictures.

2. The kids went back to school. Everyone was set, new lunchboxes, bookbags, shoes, clothes, school supplies, check, check, check. And then there was 2 at home. I am a routine oriented person, so the summers and all the chaos get to me at times, so I really look forward to the routine of school.

Everyone loves their teacher and so far is having a great couple of weeks. Miss Pie is in the band and loves it. My mother-in-law got her a clarinet at a yard sale for 10 bucks and we bought her book and she been teaching herself all summer how to play, she is actually pretty good. This summer I think I am going to teach her how to play the piano since she'll already have the basics down.

3. We went camping over Labor Day, sorry no pics once again. I really wasn't ready to go on this trip and so I wasn't in the bestest of moods and was just ready to go home.

So that pretty much sums up the past few weeks, not too exciting I know. So you may be wondering what Bitsy Girl has been doing since her siblings are at school most of the day.....
she excited to be sitting a the new bar all by herself eating ravoli's like a big girl.

My kids are home from school, so you know what that means HOMEWORK!!!!