Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Today is weigh-in #3, last week I didn't weigh-in due to vacation. I was really afraid to weigh-in, I was active during my vacation and tried to eat good, but you know how those things go. I was shocked when I stepped on the scale, I lost and then I really watched what I ate during this week, so I am down a total of 4.6 pounds. Whoohoo, I am really happy, atleast the scale is going in the right direction.

Last week I really struggled with my snacking, I love those 100 calorie packs, but the goal is only to eat 1, not 5. So I really have to work on healthier snacks, I went to grocery store and bought some fruit, so hopefully that will help ward off the munchies. I also have problems getting in enough water, I can't stand the taste.

My goals for this week is to get into a regular exercise routine, drink enough water, or just more and stay on target with my points.

By the way Orange Team, you rocked this week!!!!

Here's to getting fit one day at a time


ValleyGirl said...

Wow, what a great WEIGH to end the holidays! (haha, I totally crack myself up) I love those kind of surprises!!

Have you tried some lemon or lime juice in your water? My preference is lime because there's a hint of natural sweetness in the aftertaste.

april said...

Great job! Those 100 calorie snack things are awesome, aren't they?!

Good luck this week!

Leanne said...

You are AWESOME!! Way to go mama, especially with a vacation in there! I try to keep fruit already washed and cut up in the fridge... that way it is easy to grab. I'm also a big fan of adding some low cal. flavor to my H2O - then I can pretend its something much yummier!

erin said...

I just happen to run across your blog. Very cute, keep up the weight loss, I understand it is so hard to lose weight (for me it is). The hundred calorie pack are good, but I too could 5 of them in a day.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great job on choosing fruit over snack packs. You can do this!

Kathy said...

oooh I am just getting on board with seriously going after some weight loss myself. This is nothing short of inspirational!!!!