Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holidays by Hand (papercrafting)

This is the second week of holidays by hand and it's papercrafting, my favorite type of craft.

My project is a Dates to Remember mini album. I have to admit, I am horrible when it comes to remembering birthdays, so this book is perfect for people like me or if you just want a book to keep all those important dates in. Since there is no year on this book you can use it year after year, plus there are pictures in it. It just can't get any better than this.

Now for the mini album:

Front and back cover were make from a cracker box, this is a really inexpensive and green way to make a chipboard album cover. I just cover the inside with paper and painted the outside, after it was dry I embelleshed it.


Each page is a different month and on that month I attached pictures of the people that are celebrating birthdays that month. Now I just did birthdays, but you can include anniverisaries or any other important date that you want to remember. On each page I attached a pocket, this is for my cards. I just stapled mine, but you can sew or even glue them on.

On the last page I included a pocket, I just cut up a page protector and stapled it on, this is for my stamps. Now there is no excuse not to send those cards out.
I bound my mini album with rings, you can buy these at Wal-mart and they are pretty inexpensive.

This album came together pretty quickly, after I had all my pictures printed out, it only took about 2 hours to complete.

For more ideas on papercrafting, go to Small Notebook.

Giving Thanks
I am thankful for the rain.....Last night we got some rain, our creeks are really low so we really needed this rain. Plus I just love the sound of rain hitting the roof, so relaxing.

Happy papercrafting,


Rachel said...

What a great idea, and the photos are a nice touch!

kitchendoor said...

This is a completely wonderful idea--I'm definitely going to be making one.

Thanks so much!