Friday, May 29, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Fix it Friday

Here is the original picture posted up at I ♥ Faces
Isn't she just a doll...

Here's my edit, I working in PS.

My Steps....
I ran it through Noiseware
adjusted the levels
and then converted it to BW and adjust the contrast and brightness, till I liked it.

If you want to see more fix-it's on this photo go check out I ♥ Faces.



Jewel said...

Very cute :) Love how you cropped it and the contrast is great! Good job

Kate Montgomery said...

Very Crisp! Love it!

Alice said...

so beautiful, sharp and crisp. i love it!

if you get a chance, please feel free to check my edit out and give me some pointers - i want to learn from this :O), thanks!

Alice said...

alesha - thanks for the tips. i can't find 'defog' anywhere - help. i am using photoshop CS3 and i can't find defog anyplace. can you point me to it? thanks! i actually used your step-by-step to make my second photo, minus the defog thing :O).

-• Misty Sparks •- said...

Great conversion!