Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I get too.....

Do you ever get into the mood of I have to, I have to do the dishes, the 5th load of laundry, clean the floor and so on. Not only saying I have too, but saying it in a grumbling matter. I am so guilty of this, whining and complaining about having to do things. Well today I got a good kick in the butt, a friend of mine from church passed away. 3 months ago she was fine and then got a strep infection which entered her blood stream and affected her heart. She had surgery 2 weeks ago, but things didn't go as plan and she is now in heaven with Jesus. She leaves behind a husband and 3 kids, her youngest is 1 month older than Bitsy Girl. Her death has hit me really hard, I think it's the fact that we are around the same age and that it her illness came on so sudden. Also that I am sit here complaining about things that I HAVE to do, instead I should look at it as things I get to do. I am able to cook for my family, I have 4 healthy children that play hard and get their clothes dirty and they need washed, I am able to stand and wash my floor and so on. Sometimes we can all get caught up in the complaining that this isn't right or I have so much to do, but we should be thankful that we are able to do it and that God has blessed us with another day on this beautiful earth.

I just ask that please keep the P. family in your thoughts and prayers as they are dealing with the untimely death of their wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.


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