Friday, October 2, 2009

The photo wall

I have always wanted a photo wall, I see them in magazines, websites, and other blogs, and I love them. So after our vacation I ordered a whole bunch of photos all different sizes, this was my first mistake. After I got the pictures back from the printer, I loved them, but since I order them all willy-nilly there was symmatry to my photo wall I hated it. I didn't even get them up on the wall, so behind the couch they went until I came up with a plan. Well a plan I finally came up with and with my wonderful hubby's help, I finally have a photo wall in my family room.

The verdict, I LOVE IT!!!
Since I was putting up a photo wall, I had an old window in the garage, that I saved from our remodel, boy I wish I would have saved more, I added some photos from 2009 of my kids and then I added a some rub-ons directly to the glass and some flowers. All I did to the window was clean the glass, that's it. I think it's a perfect addtion to my family room. Plus I can change the photos out every year.

On the wall opposite my photo wall, I hung a shelf and added more pictures. It looks great. The best part of all of this was the price, both my shelves together were under $10, window frame, free, picture frames all found on clearance, under $40 for everything. Having all my memories on the wall to enjoy, PRICELESS. (I know so cheesy, but I couldn't resist hehe).


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