Friday, April 18, 2008

Doing the happy dance!!!!

DSL is in the house, whoop-whoop!!!! Can you hear the excitement? This is really big for us, we never thought it would be possible to get high-speed, they didn't even run cable into our boon-docks and the "can you hear me now man" well he never came to our house, because I definately cannot hear him. So to acctually have DSL is really, really big and it makes our internet surfing so much more enjoyable.

The kids have off school today and the weather is supposed to be great so today we are going to spend much of the day outside enjoying the warmth and of course I will be taking my camera. I need a good photo opportunity. Maybe get a little bit of excerise and take a walk, Aly loves her stroller. Okay so you know I can't end a post without pics of the kids or layouts I have been working on so for your viewing pleasure..........

Here's a pic of my baby, she's just so darn cute....

Okay that's all for today, have a wonderful day and if you have beautiful weather in your neck of the woods get outside and enjoy it. God Bless!!!

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Lisa said...

Awesome layouts and your baby girl is precious!