Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm still here!!!!

Knock, knock are you there.....Yes I know it has been awhile. (hanging my head in shame) I am still alive and we are all doing well. Finally everyone is healthy, no more throwing up or stuffy noses, yay. Today we had our first soccer game for Caitlynn, she did really well. The coach had her on offense the entire game, by the end of the game she was really exhausted, poor thing. I took some pictures and I'll upload them tomorrow sometime. Little miss Aly didn't like all the yelling at the game and cried and Nate all he wanted to do is go to the park. Bryce and Guy had a wrestling tournment today, no word yet on how he is doing. He really likes freestyle, I like that it keeps him busy and in shape but practices are an hour away and with the price of gas don't even get me started. I pretty much don't go anywhere anymore, just stay at home and play with kids and scrapbook when I get a free moment. I went through and organized my layouts and put everything in albums and since February 08 I have done 121 layouts, not bad for only scrapping an hour or two a couple times a week. Here are some things I have done in the past month.

I really like this one, I rarely do a layout just of me....

If Nate could be outside 24/7 he would, if Bryce and Caitlynn could stay in the house all day they would. What happens between 5 and 10 that they don't want to be outside and play anymore?????

I love this picture or Aly and Daddy.

Off for now, have a great day and God Bless.


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Lisa Turley said...

Beautiful layouts Alesha!! :) You have a beautiful family.