Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

It's my birthday, another year older and wiser, I am not so sure about the latter one...but I am older. I remember when I thought someone in their 30's were old, but I am here to say that 33 is not old, I might have a few grey hairs (that's why they made hair coloring) but I am definately not over the hill. LOL Guy went to Lowes yesterday and got me a swing for the back-yard, so now me and Aly will have a place to sit and watch the kids play. Bryce wants to take me out for ice-cream tonight, his treat...isn't he the sweetest. I even got some money, I think I am going to save it though, I have been contemplating getting a new camera. I love my Kodak EasyShare, but I want something better and have been looking at the Canon Rebel. So if I start saving I should have enough by Christmas.

Everyone is finally feeling better, praise the Lord. So today I need to clean and start packing for vacation. I can't believe we leave in 4 days....

a picture of my blessings!!!!



Geri said...

Happy Birthday Gemini!
I celebrated the 15th annversary of my 30th birthday last week.

Lisa said...

I hope you had a great birthday! The layouts are awesome as usual!