Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cherish these days....

Do you ever have a whoo is me day? I do, I hate it when I get negative about things in my life - my body, my hair, my messy house, my kids always fighting, feeling whatever I do doesn't matter and the list goes on. I hate my whoo is me days, God has blessed my life so much and there is no reason to feel like this. Sometimes though I need a kick in the butt to make me realize how blessed I truly am. Lately I have been reading this blog this a women who has gone through so much, she is so brave and strong and I truly look up to her. All she wants is to be the wife and mother she once was. I love that. Also a good friend of mine just recently made me realize how important our families are. I know my family is important, but sometimes I take them forgranted. I get irrated when I have to pick up cat food for the tenth time that day because a little girl thinks it fun to spill it all over the floor, or when my kids seem to fight with each other constantly and I start yelling at them. I need to sit back and remember that these days won't last forever and to cherish them. There will be a time when my house looks like a magazine and it's quiet, and then I will wish for all this chaos.

My blessings......

remember to give hugs

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