Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A week in review

I am sitting here today wishing for warmer weather, sunny skies, and some green scenery. Not to rush time or anything, but I am ready for spring. Right now we are getting freezing rain for the 10th time this year. Last week was absolutely gorgeous here. Last Monday was almost 60 the sun was shining, I think God gives us those days to say, "hey hang in there, warm weather is just around the corner you can make it a few more months". So I will sit here waiting patiently in my my sweat-pants and fuzzy socks, just wishing for another sunny day.

Since not to much is going on in my life, no crafty things, no frugal ideas, no money-saving tips I thought I would just share my week with yall.

my week last week:
Monday - went to Giant
Tuesday - Bryce had his last wrestling match and won
Wednesday - cleaned the house
Thursday - Cleaned the church and got flowers from my hubby for valentines. so pretty.
Friday - nada
Saturday - Family day
Sunday - felt awful, went to church and then went to look at new cameras
Monday - woke up with strep throat, yay had to go to the doctors.
Tuesday - Bryce woke up with the stomach flu, hopefully nobody else gets sick since the rest of us had it in December.

See the week started out just like any other week, but ended pretty crappy. On a good note, I am feeling much better, I can finally eat and Bryce is much better also.

My valentine's gift, not the rings, just the flowers. I put my wedding rings in the flower because i thought it looked neat.


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Leanne said...

Love your flower picture! I'm glad your feeling better (as well as your DS). Have you made any decisions on the camera you want... I was just out admiring some upgrades that are still out of my pricerange :)