Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think he's a keeper....

I have been wanting a dslr for awhile now but they are pretty pricey. So since the fall I have been saving money for one and I thought that by my birthday, in June, I would have enough money to purchase one. Well my hubby last weekend said lets just go to Ritz's and get it. They were having a pretty good sale and I got 2 lenses with it. I ended up getting a Nikon D60, it's a entry level dslr and so far I love it.
Right now I am figuring out how to use it and take better pictures. Here are a couple I have taken of my kiddos. They thought I loved to take pictures when I had my Kodak, they haven't seen nothing yet.

So what do you think? I think they are pretty good and they can only get better from here as I learn to use this baby. In 15 weeks we are going to the beach so I better get practicing and reading. So I do believe that my hubby is a definite keeper. Love ya babe and thanks so much....


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Leanne said...

YAH!!! I'm so excited for you! Your pics look fantastic... I would never guess that you were a DSLR newbie. I can't wait to see more. (The last pic of your son looks just like you)