Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sun, Snow, and Ladybugs oh my

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, the sun was shining, the snow was melting and all those wonderful ladybugs were out in full force. Well 2 out 3 aren't bad. Nate was so excited about the warm day that he wanted to go swimming, that boy he is so ready for swimming, camping, and Grange Fair. My family should be proud of the fact that he is a true fair lover, it's just too bad that it isn't until August. Here is the latest pic of Nate, he is such a goofball, this picture just makes me smile.

Aly started sucking her thumb, isn't she just the cutest!!!! I love that she can self soothe, I just hope she doesn't suck it until she is 5 (maybe I can bribe her with a basket on her bike :) )

Well that is all for today, I have to go be a domestic godess, the laundry is being unruly.

God Bless,

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