Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wrestling on the Brain

Winter is the time for snowmen, sled-riding and snowball fights, right? Not in this family it is the time for wrestling, during the winter we live, breathe and think about wrestling. Our family room is turned into a wrestling room and my two boys wrestle around, sometimes I am even get turned into a "wrestling dummy". Weekends are no longer family time, they are spent at wrestling tournaments and during the week is practice, sometimes driving over an hour to go to practice. Let me just say I am happy when the middle of March hits and wrestling season is over and our lives get back to normal. No matter how much I dislike it, my husband and son love this sport, and it gives them a chance to bond. Bryce is actually really good at the sport, he went to 8 tournaments and placed in 7. Due to all the working out he now has a six-pack, the boy has some muscles.

This is what Bryce refers to as the "Pack".

I don't want to leave Miss Pie out, so here is a recent photo of her. She just loves doing photo shoots, the boys bawl around and complain, but not her she poses like a super model.

She is really growing up and so pretty, not my baby girl anymore.

Here's a picture of all 4 of them, not the best but atleast I have them all together. Since wrestling is almost over, I'll have to do a photo shoot with all the kids.

I have been really scrapbooking lately, now that Aly is on somewhat of a schedule. Boy did I miss cutting, glueing, and creating art. This month I did 59 layouts, I am on a scrapping role. Last night I made calendar layouts, I am going to do one for each month, I absolutely love them. Tomorrow I will upload them.

Have a great night and God Bless.

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