Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holding me Accountable

Since I have had my baby I am so frustrated with my weight, if I lose a pound or two I just gain it back. Tomorrow Guy and I are starting a no-carb diet for 2 weeks and then slowly adding the good carbs back in. I have been reading Jillian McKeif's book and I want to add more vege's and fruit into our diets, but first I have to get myself off of sugar, I am totally addicted to it. If I eat 1 granola bar I eat 3, and then I get so mad at myself. So I am going to blog everything, hopefully this will keep going and honest. My goal is 35 pounds, and I'm not going to say how much I weigh until I hit the goal. I don't want to be a skinny-minny (though it would be nice) I just want to be healthy and not be disgusted everytime I see a picture of myself. My weigh-ins will be Monday and I'll let everyone know how much I am down. Feel free to leave me messages of encouragement, because I need all the help I can get. (This is to my 2 viewers, and one being my mom...LOL)

I scrapped this weekend, whoohoo!!! I love just sitting down and creating, I got 11 layouts done and a card. I haven't scanned anything yet, but I'll get to that tomorrow and upload some. You know I can't leave a post without some pictures, so here's one Aly--look at this girl she is going to be mobile before I know it.

Look out world because here I come....

Here's our Mother's Day photo shoot, I wanted to get some pictures outside, but the weather wasn't cooperating.
Later - Gators

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