Thursday, May 8, 2008

Calgon Take ME Away!!!!!

This past week has been crazy, Aly is teething and right now a mess, her nose is stuffy, she has a low-grade fever and is slobbering all over the place. Last night she was up 5 right now I feel like a zoombie.

My stove still isn't working, who knew it would take so long to get a heating element, at least now I don't have to cook. I think tonight we are having sandwhiches, fast and easy.

I got 2nd place at Kits and Pieces contest, pretty excited about that. I also won a Rak from Layle, so that made my day.

Not really scrapping, right now I am working on Mother's Day gifts, so I can't show them until next week. Don't want to ruin the surprise. Here are some older layouts I have done.
I love this picture of my dad and Aly...this was taken during Thanksgiving and Aly was out of sorts and pappy said he would take her and she fell asleep. So very priceless.
This a picture of me and my girls at Easter.

Okay that's all for now, here's hoping I get more sleep tonight.

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