Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Last week I talked about wanting to prioritize my time better, and I think to some extent I did really good this week. Hense the no posting this week, I was on the computer some this week checking out my favorite sites, but I limited it to 1/2 hour during the day and I got so much done. The kid's rooms are now all declutter and so is the bathroom and laundry/mud room, I organized my frig and all my cupboards and my room got a good cleaning. I canned some tomato sauce and made some salsa (very yummy) and cooked every night except tonight, two of my kids went to their grams to eat and we had some left-overs in the frig, so we ate that. So hopefully next week I can fit blogging into that schedule.

Lately I have been thinking about Christmas (I know this is a completely different subject but the title to this post is Thursday's Thought), I don't want to spend a ton of money on things people don't need and I want to be finished with all shopping and wrapping by Thanksgiving. I really want to enjoy Christmas, making cookies with the kids, decorating and just having family time. I know this sounds ambitious, but I know we can have a frugal Christmas, be done early, and have fun too. If you have any frugal ideas for Christmas I would love to hear them.

So you know I couldn't end a post without adding a picture, and I hate blog posts that don't have pictures, so here is one of Nate. Daddy hasn't trimmed around the house for a while so Nate decided he would with scissors. You know it really kept him busy.

That's all for now,
hugs *a*

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