Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All You - Go and get one!!!!!

Why do I love the All You magazine? Yes the articles are good and some good recipes...but they also have coupons and this month is especially good. I clipped 34 coupons and there were some I didn't clip because I knew I wouldn't use them. So in totally there were at least 40 coupons. This month there were a lot of food items, here's a small list of what's in this magazine:

Tyson chicken 1/1
Jiff to go .75/1 (great coupon especially if your store doubles)
Rimmel eyeshadow BOGO
Kotex 1/1 (any it's any so you can get the pantyliners at Wal-mart for free)
Ban 1/1
Trident .75/1 dnd (combine this with the BOGO coupon from a recent insert and get two packs of really cheap gum)
Nerds BOGO
Peter Pan peanut butter 1/1
Dole Fruit bowls .75/1 (once again if your store doubles this product will be really cheap)
Plus the free kraft when you buy 3 (coupons includes cheese, dressing, crystal light, hot dogs and crackers), you don't have to buy something expensive just buy 3 packs of kool-aid, Wal-mart has them 5/1.00 and then you get free cheese or buy 3 mac and cheese for .50 a box. And the best thing these coupons don't expire until 9/30/08 so you have awhile to use them.
Plus many more...

Tonight I think I am going to go to Wal-mart and pick up a couple more magazines.


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