Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

It's another Monday, so another menu.... last week I didn't stick to my menu as well as I did the week before, things came up and I had to substitute easier meals. This week is going to be an easy week, I am leaving on Wednesday and won't be home until next Tuesday. It's the infamous GRANGE kids are so excited. They have been earning money all summer for the fair and Bryce and Caitlynn both have paper routes at the fair. Please pray for me and my mom, it's going to be me and her with 8, yes 8 kids in a 5th wheel for 6 days. Hopefully I am sane when I get home.

Here's my menu:

Monday - Sloppy Joes (I made this earlier in the summer and froze some), tater tots and ice cream

Tuesday - Chicken and Rice (didn't make this last week, vege and salad

Wednesday (at fair) - chili and corn bread muffins

Thursday - Keilbosa and sauerkraut, cut up veges and fruit

Friday - Chicken salad

Saturday - my mom cooks

Sunday - my mom cooks ( I love these two days)

For more menu's check out Org. Junkie.

Since I will be out of town there will be no blogging from me, so everyone have a great week and I'll be back next Tuesday. I'll post pictures on Wednesday, the kids start back to school, Bryce is going to high school and Nate is going to Kindergarten, where does the time go. I am both happy and sad that they are growing up.

Okay so I realize this picture has nothing to do with menu-planning.... The other day I lost Aly, we couldn't find her. Nate and I were searching everywhere, then Nate came yelling, I found her:

It's almost like she is saying "Here I am" -- I know I am a little bias, but she is just so stinkin cute!!!


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