Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Introducing Bertha!!!!

I just started couponing in June, after I clipped my first set of circulars I went and got one of those coupon holders, they look like envelopes. Mine was pink... After using this for a couple of weeks and collecting more coupons, I new this was not going to work, I couldn't find anything. So I searched the internet for some ideas and decided to try the envelope system. I saved envelopes from the mail and by the end of the week I had enough to start my system, well this wasn't for me either. So back to the internet I went searching for something else and found the binder system, I loved how you could take your entire coupon collection with you to the store and could see everything. I already had a nice binder I had bought for scrapbooking, but it didn't work for what I wanted it for, so all I had to purchase was the baseball card holders and this is how Bertha was born. My kids and I decided to name my binder since it had a pink stripe down the center of it and it went everywhere with us. So Bertha Binder is her name. It's funny to hear my kids say "hey mom, do you want me to bring Bertha in the house". Maybe you have to be here, but believe me it is funny.
Here's Bertha, I love that she has a zipper so nothing falls out and the mesh pocket in the front is a great place to put my coupons that I am going to use.

These pockets are great to hold my circulars, envelopes for certain stores, and coupons that haven't been filed yet.

I love that you can see all my coupons, I have everything sectioned off, dairy, boxed food, frozen, etc. Some coupons I do have to fold, but I don't mind, I just make sure that I can see the picture of the product. In the front, I did get photo protector sheets and have my Store cards with the coupons that go to each store and in the back I have all my rebate sheets.

If you want to see more ideas of how to store and organize your coupons go to Keeping the Kingdom First, Alyssa is having a Binder show and tell until Friday, August 15th.



Trina said...

Nice, looks alot like mine on the inside. I haven't named mine yet and since Bertha is now taken, I will need to think of something else. LOL

Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Bertha is the perfect name for your binder. We call my GPS unit "Betty". I'll need to think of a name for my binder now, too!

Thanks so much for participating in the Coupon Binder Show & Tell!