Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is my favorite store, it doesn't rank as high as Giant, but it's right up there with it. I love to go here and spend my pocket change and walk out with a few bags worth of goodies. This week I decided to do several transactions, I have been reluctant to do this, I didn't want to make the cashiers mad or the other customers behind me mad. I can see their faces when I pull out coupons, let alone doing several different transactions. But this week I didn't want to spend that much money, and I didn't have very many ECB's only 9 and I knew all the stuff I wanted to get was going to cost me a lot OOP if I didn't break it up. Sorry no picture, I put everything away. I know what was I thinking, putting stuff away and not taking a picture of all my loot first, hey I am only human. Okay here's what I got:

Transaction 1

1 CVS hand soap - 1.69
Physians Formula Mascara - 7.99
Lamisilk lotion - 8.29
Lamisil Cream - 10.49

Total - 28.49

Coupons -
Rain check for the mascara - free
-2 cvs skincare
-3 lamisilk
-4 lamisil
used 9 ecbs, spent .50 oop, earned 10 ecb

Transaction 2
2 Dove chocolate - 6.00
2 children advil - 11.58

total - 17.58

Coupons -
2 -1 advil
Dove BOGO -3
used 10 ecbs, spent .58 OOP, earned 11.58 ecb

Transaction 3
Dove - 3.00
Airhead mini - 2.00
Energizer Batteries - 2.99
Alavert - 5.99
Stayfree - 2.79
Stayfree - 2.79
CVS after sun .49
Skin effects - 6.99
Reese pieces - .79 (filler) me and Caitlynn were hungry
Whatchamacalit - .79 (filler)

Total - 28.62

-4 Alavert
-1 Energizer
-1 Stayfree
Stayfree BOGO -2.79
-1 CVS suncare
-2 Skin effects
-3 I didn't have anymore coupons, so I don't know what this is for.

used 11.58 in ECB's, paid .25 oop, earned 13 ecb's.

my total bill would have been $74.69 but I spent a total of 1.33. Pretty good day, I think. I do need to go back and finish up the battery deal and then the diaper deal. A little bit of time earlier in week really paid off. I have to thank The Centsible Sawyer, I love the CVS superstars and that really helped me this week. So once again thank you ladies, you really helped me out and you didn't even know it.

Happy saving...

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