Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You reap what you sow

I was so excited when we moved to our house 9 years ago, we have a lot of land and I wanted a garden. We have done a garden every year since then and love it. This is a family affair, the kids help plant the seeds and small plants, they even help weed (they are not so thrilled about this part) and they help pick. Caitlynn loves to go out and search for new vegetables that can be picked, usually she comes in with a big bowl full of stuff. It is so nice to eat what we have grown and not have to buy it. It's also nice to know that there are no chemicals on our veges or anything else, who knows what you are getting in the stores these days.

I even started canning and freezing this year, we planted alot more plants this year and I have already froze sugar snap peas, green beans and onions. Tonight I made my first attempt at canning. I made relish, I'll let you know in a few weeks how this turned out, it looks like relish and all the jars sealed. So far so good, now just the taste test. I think this weekend I am going to can some zucchini pickles and blueberry jam. I am actually having fun and this fits in with my new frugal lifestyle.

These cucumbers are so yummy....
My little taste-tester!!!


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