Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I really like planning a menu. Last week was my first time actually sitting down and writing one up. The verdict - I stuck to it. It was great, when the kids asked "what's for dinner mom" I would just say look at the menu. There was no dilemma at 4:30 wondering what I am going to make. That right there is worth the extra few minutes it took to figure out what I was going to make earlier in the week. So without further ado here is my menu for this week. For other ideas check out Organizing Junkie for a list of menu's. I really like looking through the list and getting ideas for my meals.

Breakfast - cereal, baked oatmeal, poptarts, egg sandwich, bagels and smoothies

Lunch - Tuna sandwich, soup, leftovers, chicken salad, mac and cheese

Monday - Burgers, zucchini patties, cucumber salad and onion rings (all veges are from our garden)
Tuesday - Quiche, salad, pudding pie
Wednesday - Vege Stir-fry, rice and jello
Thursday - Flat bread wraps, potato salad
Friday - Chicken and Rice cass, cheesy broccoli and dessert
Saturday - homemade pizza and salad
Sunday - eat at Gram's...I love this day!!!

P.S. we tried the canned relish and everyone LOVED it, so I am definitely going to make some more.



suzof7 said...

I LOVE cucumbers, but we are finding they don't grow well here, or they need some shade.

I did make refrigerator pickles with the ones we had, and this weekend I made zuke pickles, which we love!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice when you can eat home grown fruits and veggies. Lovely menu. :)