Friday, August 29, 2008

School Time....

My kids started school on Wednesday, boy did the summer go fast. Bryce went to high school this year and is changing classes, dealing with a locker and locks and figuring out his schedule. On the first day he lost his back-pack, how he did this I'll probably never know, good thing I didn't get him a new one this year.

My baby boy, not so much a baby anymore, went to kindergarten, this is so hard to believe. He looked so little getting on the bus with his big boy back-pack. He had a great time, he did ask me this morning when he was going to have a break from school. He misses sleeping in and playing. Poor kid.

Miss Pie, is in 5th, not a big change for her but they did start changing classes. Poor girl she got sick the first day of school and threw up on her way to the bus, at least she was coming home.

So it's just me and Aly at home during the day, it's so quiet. During her naps I want to clean the house, declutter bedrooms, and start scrapbooking again. I really miss being creative. So be on the lookout for new layouts coming soon and maybe some mini-albums too.


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